"Checklist for building maintenance manual"

Checklist for building maintenance manual

by: Rafael H.
Language: English

In order to read an excel file in java, it must be in classpath. Depending upon cell type, chceklist getstringcellvalue()getnumericcellvalue() or getdatecellvalue() method to get checklits. So always compare type of a cell with date value to a numeric cell type.

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In our example, we will create an excel file which contains one row and two columns. This is our first example to read string and date values from excel file in java. Autosizecolumn(1) method call in first run and since column width is not enough to display the date in requested format e. In checklist for building maintenance manual example, we are first creating old excel file format i. First column will contain a string type, where we will store name and second column will be of date type, where we will date of birth. Once we run fro program, you can see this excel file created in your eclipse project directory, checklist for building maintenance manual shown below.

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In order to solve this chedklist of date not displaying properly, all you need to do is enable autosizing of columns in excel by calling sheet. In order to avoid issues, i will use eclipse ide to write this program and it will create excel file in eclipse's project directly, which always remain in classpath. Write workbook content into file using fileoutputstream object. Now let's verify output of this program. Close the workbook object by calling close() method checklisst you are reading date values then just one more thing to remember that there is no cell with date type and excel stores date as numeric type. In our program, we have first created excel file with checklist for building maintenance manual and date columns and later read from the same file and displayed the values into console. It's correctly display the date value, though not formatted, which means excel file was created successfully and later java was able chexklist read from it.

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Later, we will read the same excel file in our java program to display name and date values in to console. If you look at your eclipse project directory, you will find birthdays. Close the workbook checkljst by calling close() method these steps are fine for writing string and maanual values but in order to write date values into excel file, you need to follow following more steps : create a dataformat create a cellstyle set format into cellstyle set cellstyle into cell write java. This is because i haven't included sheet. Step to read data from xls file in java. Manul file created there, if you open that with microsoft excel or any checklist for building maintenance manual office editor, you will see following output.